Cause related Marketing

Your company supports the social cause of Institute C and everyone wins.

Cause related marketing is a type of partnership where a social value is attributed to the products and services sold by companies. It is a simple action to realize and does not involve an initial financial investment. Therefore, any company can take part. In addition, it is a great opportunity for companies to carry out social responsibility actions.


See some of the cases


The children's clothing brand believes that the habit of helping others needs to be introduced from an early age, that is why it has practiced social responsibility since its foundation, allocating 2% of the monthly revenue for the projects of Institute C.

De Betti

On Hamburger Day (May 28, 2022), De Betti joined Institute C for a solidarity action where all the profit from the sales of hamburgers was reverted to projects of Institute C.

Verbena Flores

The company made a partnership with Institute C to celebrate Valentine's month, starting a campaign to destine 5% of flower pot sales to Institute C.

La Pastina

In 2022, the year in which the company completes 75 years, we got into a new social responsibility partnership. With the slogan “From our family to other families,” it destines 5% of the profit from Divella pasta line sales for 3 months of the year for the projects of Institute C.


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    Cause related Marketing

    Your company supports the social cause of Institute C and everyone wins.

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